Thread: Rumor: Bobby Ryan Being Shopped
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11-30-2011, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post



Then trade a pick for Scott Hannan??
From the Flyers' end, it's a pretty clear yes IMO. Although Bryz's current state gives me pause about trading Bob, if Bryz continues to stink, it's not like we could trade him and it's not like we'd pay Bob the money necessary to keep him (like $9M on 2 goalies?!?), so it's pretty clear Bob has to go @ some point. Might as well be now if we get value like this.

I'm a little bit confused from the Ducks' end though. Hiller is signed for the next 3 years and is an above-average starting goalie.. @ this point probably better than Bob (the Ducks' D has been abysmal in front of Hiller this year... worse than the Flyers' D). Bob is no guarantee to be better than Hiller and would reach RFA status before Hiller's deal is up. Are the Ducks going to pay Bob enough to keep him happy? Or would they trade Hiller?

Either way, Bob probably doesn't help them recover this year (they're 11 points out of the playoffs w/ a game up on the 8th place team). It's tough enough to come back from that deficit even if every piece in a trade helps you win now... let alone if a good chunk of the deal is almost exclusively help for the future. Along those same lines, the 2nd doesn't help them win now. Meszaros for Sbisa is an upgrade for them, but given how inconsistent Mesz has been, don't think it's a "put us over the top" kind of move. And in terms of trade value, due to Sbisa's potential and his low cap hit moving forward (fair value if Sbisa doesn't improve a lick, massively good deal for Ducks if he reaches potential), I think Sbisa's value > Meszaros's value. And then obviously Voracek would help them win now, but would be a downgrade from Ryan.

In terms of "win now" value (which is what the Ducks allegedly want:
Ryan >>> Voracek
Sbisa < Meszaros
Anaheim Backup < Bob (but it's not a big upgrade @ all considering he doesn't replace Hiller)
2nd round pick worthless

No way they make this trade if they're trying to win now.

In terms of future value:
Ryan >> Voracek
Sbisa > Meszaros
Nothing << Bob + 2nd

No way they make this trade for future value either.

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