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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Rangers fan asking... what changed in his game last year to drop to just 3 points in 23 games and a -7, which was what his +/- was in 60 games the year before?

He's looked good in his few games up this season so far.
It was a combination of regression and poor coaching.

John Mitchell was a Fourth Line player trying to play as a Top Six player. The problem was, he didn't have the skill to do so. He'd try out-dekeing every player on he other team (Which led to turnovers) he'd try to create offense on his own (which generally led to turnovers).

The other problem was Wilson seemed to love him. He played him in situations he couldn't hope to excel at (With Kessel, on the PP, on the PK). He was supposed to be atleast decently defensively, but bar-none he was our worst PKer by a country mile. The stats for PPGA while he was on the ice was astronomical. This led to our PK (which was decent when Zigo was up) plummeting to worse in the league. Wilson eventually figured out he couldn't get the job done, and he was removed from the PK.

Plus, Kulemin (Who many around here believed had Top 6 potential) was getting the same/less ice-time as him, but he was playing 100% better (This was before Kulemin's breakout year last year) Kulemin was beasting defensively, physical, etc. But Wilson was loathed to give him a look in an offensive role, but always went to Johnny F Mitchell.

The fan-base soared on him, and I guess Burke saw what we all did, too.

If Wilson never played him in situations above his head, and Mitchell never got confused about what kinda player he had to be, well, he would still be gone, actually. Better options for Bottom Six roles in the organization now.

But we wouldn't have soared on him like we did.

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