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11-30-2011, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
If we want, we have cap flexibility right now...
Mike knuble is a good player...but again we've replaced him....
Call me when he's waiving giroux or jvr or something.
How are we going to score goals without 18 and 17...we seem to be managing the drum beat Is all about loosing the vaunted defense from those 2 stalwarts...
Knuble was a very important player when he was here. He averged 28 goals a season while he was here. Who exactly did the Flyers replace him with? The flyers scored 28 fewer goals the following season after he left. What was Knuble's average production? oh yeah 28.

Originally Posted by Protest View Post
He's not a top 6 player.

And he is nothing special. There are player's around that provide what he does.

It would be poor asset management to give something up for a guy like that when you know there's a huge chance he'll be on the waiver wire.
No one will say Nodl is a special player. At times he did drive me crazy with his lack of production, but he was more usefull then players currently on this roster.

Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Being poor to 18 and 17 would have been coming out and publicly stating the real reason(s) they dumped them. Instead they pulled the "good hockey deal" card. The truth will never be told by the higher up flyer brass...but it absolutely goes past on ice performance.
I do believe when those deals were made PH thought they were the cornerstones of this team.
cracks me up when people just type out the numbers of players. Because its really hard to type out Richards and Carter. Anyway, the debate is still out on whether these were "good hockey deals" We wont know on that one if it ever looks like a good deal. Simmonds is looking like a hes going to be a very good player or a player that goes missing type of player. Not the type of NHL palyer you want in return for arguably your best all around Center. Schenn better be the real deal or I am going to hate this deal 5 years from now as much as I hate it now.
The Carter deal is looking pretty good tho and I will give him that one. We were pretty fortunate that Couturier fell to us at 8.

Originally Posted by achdumeingute View Post
Do you mean in another post? Because my second sentence here says that Richards did enough to damage his media relationship without any assistance from PH.

And I don't need to get a legal document confirmation that there was more to "the trades" than "it's a hockey deal to improve the team" party line.
Originally Posted by sm0ka47 View Post
The greatest 4th liner in history.
What exactly did Richards do to do damage to the media? refusing to talk to them after the way he was disrespected. The media in Philly seems to think its a 1 way street. they demand respect from the players, but can run crap in the press and in Ryan Bright's case make childish comments about Richards on twitter. I will give Richards the benefit of the doubt with the press here, because this group of Philly beat writers outside of Meltzer really are clueless when it comes to the game of hockey.

Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Except it fails to mention that there are other "quarters" in your pocket too. If Nodl was the only "quarter," I think this analogy would work great.
If Nodl was a quarter in that wad of bills in your pocket, then Jody Shelley is that piece of lint that you sometimes find after you do your laundry. That piece of worthless lint is more valuable then the "quarter" appearantly.

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