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11-30-2011, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by phillyflu View Post
You should stick with that.
Dude, please. It's such a ridiculously bad Dropkick knock-off song that it's not even funny.

The lyrics are horrible and the instrumentals might as well have been ripped right from Dropkick.

On top of that, it's like the only Celtic-Rock style song they've done. Everything else they do is just straight punk rock (and terrible punk rock @ that).

I mean seriously... look @ these lyrics:
"Across the blue line we attack? We are the orange and the black"
"Reload, and shoot again, we are the orange and the black"

And if we're going to rip off another team's goal song, I'd prefer we just keep Bro Hymn. It was the perfect song for this city and this team. It's definitely better than some cheap Celtic Rock knockoff song when we are more known for our Italian population than our Irish population. Boston is the only city that should have a celtic rock song as their goal song b/c that city is irish through and through... their b-ball team is the celtics for gods sakes.

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