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11-30-2011, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Direction yes, position no. Letang's head was within a couple of degrees of the plane it would have been on if he hadn't moved it. Pacioretty needs to be able to read that movement and adjust the hit -- or he's out of control and needs to not make the hit.
I agree with you - I think on the basis of the head Pacioretty should be suspended.
But I also believe based on the PRECEDENCE set by the league that he should NOT be suspended.

Malone engages Campoli all game long; is frustrated and getting into ruckus every whistle. Campoli reaches forward for a puck, Malone sees this and hits ONLY Campoli's head. The league decides no suspension because Campoli changed his position immediately prior to the hit (wrong but fine) and take note Campoli did NOT come back to play.

Chara has a history with Pacioretty. The shove after the GWG in OT. The slashing and constant scrums in the game after where he is chasing Patches around the ice trying to get revenge. Chara is then responsible in the next game to know WHERE he is on the ice and what he is doing. He delivers a reckless hit in a dangerous part of the ice where many of his colleagues say you know where the stanchion is when you play which results in a possible life threatening then career threatening injury but there is no suspension.

Lucic is going for the puck, sees Miller racing out to get the puck and poke it away. Instead of seeing Miller and trying to go around him with the puck Lucic decides to not alter his course and takes the free shot at the head of the goaltender. No suspension.

If you set a precendent - stick by it. If you are admitting your wrong then go review all the other hits that should've been suspensions and give those players a suspension for those actions to erase this stupid grey area.

All that matters is the sweater you wear - the sweater your opponent wears - and who is the victim of the hit.

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