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11-30-2011, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by BobBarker View Post
''Le Canadien joue sans inspiration. L'éventuel retour d'Andrei Markov, un gars de 32 ans absent du jeu depuis un an, ne suffira pas à renverser la tendance.''

Habs don't play inspired. 32 year old Markov who's been out of play for a year won't be enough to put the team back on track.

So I guess he's not aware that Crosby registered like 4 or 5 points on his first game after being out 1 year? He's underestimating our injuries big time. It's not only about Markov. Markov, Campoli back means Subban goes no2,3 Dman, Spacek no5,6 with Gill. Diaz or Yemelin no 7 Our transition play will be much better for 20-25 more minutes in a game (guessing Markov's ice time) helping our underperforming Gionta but much more Cammy.

You know what Cantin is? He's like those guys who think the world will end in 2012. Those guys who think that there's conspiracy everywhere. He needs to take his head off his ass and write about facts without sensationalizing them each time or else he'll end up like all these old farts of journalist we got
Injuries don't explain a few ugly tendencies I witnessed every game. Camaleri looks uninterested, Gionta looks older than ever, Plekanec stops skating everytime he gets close to the corners, Gill looks done, Price never steal a game (not his fault, but it is something he has to do from time to time with the talent this team has).

I'm worry about Plekanec. From one of the most underrated player, he's starting to be overrated by habs fans. Beside being great on the PK, the guy is nothing more than a small second line center. He never goes in traffic and never wins a battle along the ramp. And his PK talent is overblown. Every team has such specialist, and the habs had some before him. Every reasonnably talented player can become a PK specialist if he's asked to be one.

I would personnaly contemplate trade offers for Plekanec since his value is higher than it would ever be.

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