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11-30-2011, 09:09 AM
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I always heard the opposite...beginners usually getting deep hollows (3/8") to make stopping easier so they can learn to feel the edges instead of slipping as much. And as they get better and learn to dig in properly they can go shallower for more glide.

Of course, FBV eliminates the need for changing all that. You get a lot of glide all around and just choose how much bite you want on the edges.

I went 3/8" -> 1/2" -> 5/8" -> 11/16" -> 100/50 -> 90/75 -> 90/50

If I didn't say it above, FBV to me also feels more "abrupt" in terms of your edges. With the regular sharpening it felt like the more you lean, the more you dig in. With FBV you didn't really feel the edges until a certain amount of lean, and then more lean didn't really dig in any more.

That's not to say you don't still lean on sharp turns, because more lean = more lateral force, as well as changing the angle of your turns, etc.

But to me it felt more predictable, which was the #1 reason I stuck with it. Less guesswork for me.

However I could also see great skaters who used regular sharpenings for 20+ years would HATE it. They adapted to the feel. I only skated for a couple years before switching. I felt it was easier to LEARN on these edges, again more predictable.

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