Thread: Post-Game Talk: Senators Halts the flight! 6-4 Win!
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11-30-2011, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Ice-Tray View Post
I see some of you posting here and in the Winnipeg GDT that they dominated us all game.

I'm not sure what game you were watching but the game I saw had us trading chances all game. Andy played great, but they hardly dominated us... . The better team won tonight.

As for Smith's goal, if you watched the feed I had you could clearly see from overhead that Pav did not control the puck. Hence no reason to blow the play dead.

Why anyone would feel the need to go over to another team's GDT/PGT and try to appease them with agreements on their "dominant play" and bull***t goals is embarrassing for sens fans everywhere.
I went and told them I felt we didn't deserve that goal because I honestly didn't think it should have counted.

When it went in, I was like, "Oh, there probably just going to call it back." When the refs didn't, I pretty much leapt off the couch (both cheering and laughing at Pavalec's expression).

I've watched the goal 4 or 5 times now, and I dont' think it's such a BS goal anymore. My first impression (from both the live game and replay) was that Pavalec had it under his blocker for a good couple seconds and Smith dug it out. Now it looks as though it was sitting right next to his blocker and he never actually covered it.

The goal looked bad, and if it had been whistled down before Smith scored I doubt any of us would be complaining about a blown chance.


Karlsson has been held off the scoresheet only 7 times in 24 games. Talk about consistency.

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