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11-30-2011, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Brunomics View Post
Sherwood 5030's. Best shoulder pads I've ever worn. More mobility and quite honestly you don't need anything more. Plus they are only like 30 bucks.
same... I have those too, but I wouldn't try stopping a puck or risk getting boreded in them in a full contact game.

the 9950's aren't much better, but I HATE the size of Warrior Pads and honestly they aren't necessary.

The farrel pads are much heavier than what I thought they'd be, and the caps aren't very durable...

I say again, its worth spending the extra to get light shoulder pads that have good protection...

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top of the line doesn't mean mobile or light... I had a set of One95's that weighed a ton, and I hated them.

I use the 5030's cause I don't play full contact, mobile, cheap, and heck half the time I don't even wear them.

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