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11-30-2011, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
I have known John McKeachie for over 50 years.

He was an idiot 50 years back and he has not changed. He was out of his depth selling hockey gear at Hocking and Forbes Sporting Goods when he was growing up.

He also regularly talks about a scar he he received playing sports - well the sport was a whack a mole with my youngest maternal aunt whacking him with up alongside the head with a rock when he was his usual irritating self. One day he was waxing eloquent about his "sports career" in a group I was part of and I asked him about the scar, dropped my aunt's name and his mouth continued to move but no sound came out.

In Vancouver we used to have a trifecta -

Neil Macrae
John McKeachie
Dave Pratt

Pomposity and idiocy all in neat little packages.
Well said. I have had a 'run-in' with McKeachie in the past. This guy is a pompous ass. Apparently he is not allowed in the Press Box at Rogers Arena for being a tool with RA staff.

The guy I absolutely cannot stand is Moj. This is a guy who should never get near a microphone ever again. Super Bowl...blah blah blah....Football...blah blah blah....telling all a sundry who will listen about his disappointing 85 on a golf course (must have been Stanley Park Pitch and Putt).

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