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11-30-2011, 11:44 AM
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Where the article makes no sense is about the Habs almost picking Pouliot if he would have had the 4th pick. Whether it's true or not, just stick to the facts when you're trying to make a point.

But you know my take on Giroux......And if the article would have been written by somebody else with the main topic that Timmins made a mistake in 2006, most people would have all agreed. 'Cause then, there are counterparts to articles like that. You do have a Mathias Brunet who was and still is often on Timmins side. And there's mostly everywhere in the league who sees the Habs as one of the best overall draft team.

But it is coming from Bertrand Raymond. I'd tell you, Raymond would mention that Jacques Martin is not a good coach, that most people in here who don't like Martin would find a way to bash Raymond. I know, I do that with Réjean Tremblay all the time. I'd want more Quebecers on the team, but I hear Tremblay and he's almost singlehandandly able to change my opinion on the subject 'cause he's so stupid and totally misinformed.

We often hate more the messenger than the message itself. Reason why I also believe that some in here don't like to have more francos in the team it's because it actually pisses off people like Raymond and Tremblay. You know, the same posters who came here to say that they don't mind the language the players speak, yet when a franco is brought up or drafted, that he's there solely to please the franco lovers....

Frankly, what would you prefer? Draft wisely a franco who will happen to be the core of the franchise, or having to deal for him while totally destroying your team and your salary cap in the process to acquire him? I know, here the answer is NEITHER. But the Habs have tried to get Brière and Lecavalier whether you like it or not. Which prooves that at some point, they acknowledge that this is a reality. If so, I'd already suggested that with the tons of money they have, they'd use it on a better and more present scouting group. IN EVERY LEAGUE. Which though also means, in the Q. Don't miss anybody, whether he's from the Q or the other league. But surely don't miss anybody from your backyard based on the fact that you don't have anybody scouting it or you don't have anybody with a STRONG voice scouting it. We have Boisvert now. Yet, he's also responsible for the US. Like 4 other guys or something. I also know that the US are more important nowadays. But like I've said, it's not because you're less important that you don't have your gems as well.

And whether it's from the Q or not, going after Brière and Lecavalier was a proof that we were never able to draft and/or develop a real offensive threat in this team. And the fact that we had to buy ourselves a core in Gomez-Cammy-Gionta are also a proof of it. And when you had the possibility to draft a real offensive threat, you didn't. We missed in 2006. That's all there is to it. You will find out where we gained in other articles. And clearly it won't be written by Raymond but who cares anyway.

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