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Originally Posted by Rick Deckard View Post
Show me the team in the league that doesn't has a contract it better wouldn't have signed.

Those contracts you named aren't unusual for an NHL team, everyone signs NHL veterans or takes them in trades, the unusual thing on our reserve list are the extreme high amount of young UFA prospects we sign, and that paid of.

Every player you named had been on waivers this season, none was claimed, we obviously couldn't get rid of them. We had to do something different.
Agreed. The college free agents paid off this year right away (Read, HarryZ) and the ones from last year (Gus, Holmstrom, Testwuide) will too. The only contracts we might regret are the Pither, Harper ones.

Anyway, I always liked Nodl, I think he can play in the league, but he's in the same boat as Carcillo was last year. Can be a good player, but always hurt when we needed him most (like Gus this year and Bartulis last year).

The purpose of the waivers process is so that teams can't bury good players like Nodl or Comeau in the minors when they have paid their dues and could be playing somewhere.

It's pretty clear that Homer offered Nodl to every team in the league, probably for future considerations, and got not takers. Hence his 'gauge interest in him' comment, which was aimed at all the GMs, Rutherford included, who told him they had none!

Good luck to him, we've got guys like Rinaldo and Harry Z playing ahead of him in the roster. Schenn is going to put one of those guys back to the AHL too, once everyone is healthy. And with Wellwood ready to come up too, and Testy and HolmerII, we can cover the role Nodl was supposed to play with someone healthy.

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