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Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
The purpose of this threat is to determine whether size matters in the NHL, Iím of the opinion it does since there are a hell of a lot more bigger players in the NHL & that they can take the physical punishment more. They have the size & strength to deal with hits, fighting for loose pucks, standing in front of the net & protecting teammates.
Did you just make that conclusion right after your initial question?

Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
Goalies don't provide size, what does that mean? They just showed a graphic a few games ago to show how big goalies have gotten over the last few yrs.
Goalies shouldn't be taking hits, punishment, fighting for loose pucks or protecting their teammates. This line of thought seems to have nothing to do with your argument. Unless you are about to argue the importance and merits of goalie fights.

Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
Bottem level D-men provide little of size & toughness? Don't they provide most of it? Carkner, Komiserick & Steckle. While I agree they don't make much of an impact, but most enforcers are 4th line players & most bottom pairing D-men are big tough guys, aren't they?
They don't much and that makes it extremely difficult to make a tough. Worse yet, many get their ice times cut in the postseason. Do you know how many games McGrattan played with the Sens after the Trade Deadline? ... Maybe 10, out of his 143 with the Sens.

Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
Let me repeat since you have yet to answer it. There are approximately 169 players under 6' & over 600 players over 6' in the NHL. Obviously a good mix of all kinds of players make up a good team & every player is looked at on an individual basis but most teams have more players over 6'. My point is that because of that fact it's harder for smaller players to make it to the NHL, they have to stand out, that's all.

Your point that bigger players are in lesser roles that don't matter really depends on the team. Joe Thorton plays a meaningful role, as does Annahiem's 1st line & Ottawa's first line with Greening - Spezza - Michalek. There are many examples, Cowen is playing an important role in Ottawa as is Kuba & Phillips this yr. Are you just arguing that Vancouver & Toronto are not the biggest teams? I concede that but I also said has the least amount of players under 6', maybe you missed that. I think most teams provide a balance of some size & toughness with their skilled smaller players.
Small players have difficulty moving up every single level of hockey because they can be out-muscled and pushed around. Is there any other answer to that specific question?

Some teams are better balanced than others and that does not include limited use size & toughness in minor roles.

Height doesn't imply useful size in sports as well as weight does, because weight is a more likely predictor of strength.

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