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11-30-2011, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Roulin View Post
I like all of Weber (though not as much as you, I don't see him ever being strong enough for top 2 duties), Diaz and Emelin. However, I think the Habs will have to choose between them. For most dmen, learning how to play in the NHL is a long and winding road. I don't think it's wise to carry 3 dmen going through that learning curve at the same time. Once healthy, I'd keep Campoli and shop one of Diaz and Weber.
Why can't we keep all 3 for another 18 months, then make a call after their contracts get moire expensive?

It would be nuts to move Diaz or Weber now unless the return is too good to refuse, both are awsome #6-7 d-men when you consider they can play up to 20 minutes and make less than 1 mil. Gill is getting long in the tooth, might be his last year. Campoli as a full UFA(July 1st) probably gets 2-2.75 mil/year on a 3 year deal(7-8 mil total). Spacek is also getting up there in age.

I would keep Gorges(3-6 year deal around 3.25-3.75) and Subban(2 years at 7-8 mil or long term at 5 mil/year) plus Markov with Emelin(will need to pay him around 2-2.5 to keep him from KHL), Weber and Diaz...then sign a big stay at home guy that is younger than Gill(Allen Boychuk or Mitchell type...maybe Suter if he is available).

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