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11-30-2011, 02:35 PM
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For street hockey I wouldn't go with the street hockey set. Better protection with actual goalie gear - even really beat up used stuff would work.

Check out kijiji & craigslist (ebay may be okay but be sure to look at shipping costs). If you found something you think would work could even email kijiji & craigslist ads from other towns and see if they will ship.

Local thrift shops and yard sales are hit and miss in my area - not much in the way of goalie stuff but it is usually cheap when it shows up. Play-it-again and other used sports stores will have stuff but maybe not in your price range.

If you know some goalies that are 'gear ******' they may have some old equipment they would be willing to sell you or may know other goalies with stuff.
Check bulletin boards at your local rinks.

For street hockey, I found a fairly good used goalie stick, 32" leg pads, and old chest protector, well used glove & blocker for well under $100 - mostly on kijiji, some at thrift store.

The most expensive will probably be a mask. For street hockey you could possibly go with just a player's helmet and cage (with some throat protection). Slightly more expensive would be a player's helmet with a goalie cage (such as the sportmask sm-90). If want a goalie mask, finding a cheaper mask will be your hardest challenge. For that ebay or even the classifieds in online sites like the goalie store bulletin board may be your best shot. You may be able to find a partial or full set there as well.

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