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11-30-2011, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by vezna View Post
thanks for posting that! I was hoping Capuano/Snow would see that and try and get Comeau to play like that. Instead, they waived him shortly after I posted that. Evidence they read this board

They obviously felt they couldn't change Comeau.

Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
Instinct is your mind knowing what to do without thinking after repetition and success. That play is no different than knowing where to travel on a fretboard. So....instinct can be taught, but self taught. Talent, that's the sum total of effort and ability. One man we can all say disproves the talent paradox? Robert Thor Nystrom.

And he also disproves the "can't teach speed."

I look foreward to Tavares further eroding the negatives from the Tavares/Duchene debate.
You can learn to skate faster.
You can get stronger.
You can learn to play tougher, meaner, to hit more.

You cannot learn hockey sense. Not when you're 25 anyway. Some players will be forever haunted by poor decisions (like Marc Andre Bergeron) - teams are better without him. Knowing when to cut bait, that's the job of a GM. Just like knowing when to nurture.

This organizations has a history of making poor decisions in this aspect: Bertuzzi, Chara etc. Under Snow, I haven't seen anyone improve with the exception of MacDonald, Tavares (kinda inevitable), Nielsen, maybe Martin.

Either we're drafting poorly. Or developing poorly.

Maybe Moulson/Grabner/Parenteau, who came from other places, see things differently.

But if the organization can't get their young players to be good hockey players, this rebuild will continually fail (ie. last forever)

Kris Versteeg used to say that Scott Gordan made him a better player, an NHL player, when he coached him in the AHL. I don't expect the same from this organization, I see no evidence to think otherwise.

My head tells me that we SHOULD have taught Comeau to be more effective on the ice. But my gut, my instincts tell me that he was not teachable, that we're better off without him. I'm not sure though and if it were my team, I'd ensure we invested the right people in the development of players, not just the drafting of players. People might be held accountable even.

But maybe I see it differently. I mean, it's not like we're getting killed out there.

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