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Originally Posted by SLU Hockey View Post
Staal's recent progress makes MDZ's position on this team much less of a requiem.
What recent progress? Light skating? Crosby started light skating in March and it took him nine months to play in an NHL game. Maybe it makes it less of an issue next season, but not this one.


Color me confused about this whole thing. I love Dubinsky as much as anybody, but why exactly would the Ducks move Ryan for him? Ryan is a better player with a cap hit that's not that much more egregious and he's younger. Locker room shake up? I don't buy it. The Ducks need defense. Period. That's their issue right now.

I also don't understand how a package with Del Zotto in it solves that problem. Yes, Del Zotto is extremely young and has tremendous potential. But he certainly isn't some defensive stalwart that solves their issues on the back end.

If Brooks is correct that players like Staal and McDonagh and Sauer are untouchable, as they should be, I really see no way Anaheim is sold on anything that revolves around Del Zotto as the main defense piece. Perhaps if there's more prospects/picks thrown in there, but then it starts getting interesting. People on here who overrate prospects would act like it's insane to throw Kreider into a package like that, but for an NHL team giving up someone like Ryan it makes perfect sense.

If it were as easy as Dubinsky and Del Zotto plus picks to get Ryan he would already be a New York Ranger.

There is literally no reason for the Ducks to swap Ryan for Dubinsky, and not bringing in a defenseman that's forte is playing defense makes no sense.

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