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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
I have been homeless, had to pull the plug on my fiancée, on the week I was going to propose, and working in a miserable ****hole which reminds me constantly why America is failing... The Preds can't hurt me
Wow. That's hardcore. Reminds me of the 1983 AFC championship game. I'm a huge Jets fan and my girlfriend asks if she can come over and cook me dinner. I try to discourage it since I was totally focused on the game and didn't want to have to make small talk with anyone. She persists and I relent, but make no promises of being good company.

It's a mud bowl at the Orange Bowl, Richard Todd throws 5 interceptions, including a back-breaking pic-6 to AJ Duhe in the 4th quarter with the rain pouring (bet you can't tell i remember this like it was yesterday) and the Dolphins beat the Jets 14-0.

She's all smiles and happy making dinner, trying to cheer me up. I'll have none of it and want to crawl in a hole and sulk. The more she pushes the more I push back. Then she makes the critical mistake of insinuating I may take the sports stuff too seriously. In disgust, I tell her I'm not hungry and ask to be left alone. She fires back how ungratiful I'm being. I fire back I warned her not to come in the first place. She blows up, and I break up with her on the spot. Over and out. She slams the door and we never talked again.

A year later, I married my lovely wife, had three lovely kids, and just celebrated our 27th anniversary.

I owe my wonderful family life to Richard Todd and his choke-job performance that muddy day in the Orange bowl, with honorable mention to AJ Duhe.

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