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11-30-2011, 05:20 PM
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Originally Posted by habitue View Post
The 2003 and 2006 drafts "killed" the Habs (in terms of Stanley Cup contending team.)

In 2003, if you need a big center, you don't draft A.K. in the first, nor Uruqhart in the second... Getzlaf or Carter, Bergeron or Shea Weber, should wear the CH... You can even grab Backes instead of Lapierre !!!!

In 2006, If you have already Getzlaf and Weber, you don't have to draft Fischer, and you go with Giroux in the 1st. You don't draft Maxwell, and grab Lucic. In the third, you can certainly draft better than White: Marchand and Clutterbuck were still available.

And with all the other good picks, you got a Cup contender. No need to get the Cammy, Gomez, Gionta, Tanguay, etc....
Holy crap dude. I didn't realize it until now but now that you mention it I see the light

You do realize I could make one of these for any team in the league and make them look equally stupid right? Also Timmins isn't really to blame for most of the time having low 1sts. When he had top 5 he got Price. Let's face it he did a great job there.

Scouting isn't this teams problem dude, Timmins already picked 25 guys who are playing in the NHL. That's a lot especially considering they're mostly lower rounds. For every Fisher there is a Subban, for every AK (who is still a great player) we get a Pacioretty who is awesome.

It isn't nearly as bad as you make it seem. Best of all the kids that do fit in with the squad have the right work ethic, talent and character. They're all of a certain mold. So while there have been Latendresse's and Sergei Kostitsyn's, there have been guys like AK who are severely underrated around here. What about that guy Yanick Weber? He's young but coming along.

People are way too pessimistic.

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