Thread: News Article: "S.O.S" catastrophic season?
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11-30-2011, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Because you explain **** with logic and the people who fail to ever use any and actually watch the games just want to bash and ignore you and look up the stats/scores and bash.

I've watched every game and what you said is true. We dominated and lost on several occasions due to terrible puck luck and extremely hot goaltending. We should have at least won 5 games I can remember that we lost.

The luck will basically regress to the mean cause we're too talented a team for it to not work out and plenty of our players have chemistry together. It's just a matter of time. We have many players playing well and several injuries. It's actually a lot better than it honestly should be. People need to chill out. We have Carey Price. We're going to be alright.
Sorry. Not buying it. Skill and an effective game plan beat "luck" almost all of the time.

Sure, teams get a lucky bounce and an unlucky bounce from time to time. Yes, we hit goalposts but so do other teams.

Using "luck" as rationale for winning or losing games is deniability at its worst, no offense to you.

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