Thread: Rumor: Bobby Ryan Being Shopped
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11-30-2011, 08:38 PM
Jack de la Hoya
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I think it makes perfect sense. If it is Schenn for Ryan or Schenn and peanuts for Ryan ok. If its Schenn + 1st rounder + something else, that's a high price to pay. Schenn is the top prospect right now, and I know everyone (maybe not you specifically) is not happy with his performance this far, but the kid can play hockey. He may not wind up as flashy as Ryan with all the points, but I'd be willing to be that he'll be the more complete player in the end.
I don't doubt Schenn's quality--that's why I think he's a viable centerpiece for a 24 year old winger with 100+ goals in his career.

I don't have a problem giving up a 2012 1st with Schenn for Ryan, because with Ryan, that pick is likely to be, at worst, in the 20-25.

But this is sort of beside the point--if the Flyers were not willing to give up the auxiliary assets with Schenn to get Ryan, I can understand that. The article above suggests that Schenn was a non-starter for Ryan. As I said before, that makes little sense to me.

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