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Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
They are similar though is what I'm saying, yes I realize their more durable and more weight of course I know that. The kick point in the stealth elite(zetterberg was a big user of em) is exactly the same as the S5. Their at the same spot, mind you the stealth kicks harder and has a better realease but the same spot all the same.

The S5 was modeled after the elite. Kind of like how they have 2 mustangs, the mustang and the GT. The GT has all the extar goodies but the regular coupe mustang is a dialed back version.
fiberglass vs graphite for weight is the tradeoff with the high end sticks... then the technology, taper etc...

the ST has a coating of kevlar, makes it harder to cut as well

The S5 is a just a stick... may be durable, but it doesn't even compare in feel or weight to my S11, my ST and the S17 I broke and the S19

there is a big difference with high end graphite sticks vs low end fiberglass sticks and a whole pile in the middle.

that being said, people liked the X40 alot, and it was a mid-level stick.
It's supposed to have the multiple kick point technology like a TotalONE, but I can tell you first hand that the totalOne is a way better feeling stick.

that being said, I've seen people with S3s and S5 sticks just light up the goalie... at the end of the day, at our level of play... you're paying for feel
the performance is actually in your own hands

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