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11-27-2005, 06:21 PM
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Did Dion Have To Go Through This? (Rant)

Okay, my brother is nowhere near the talent of Phaneuf, but for the Peewee level, he's a dominant physical player.

For all I and the refs can tell, he's a clean hitter. Not been called yet this season for such a check despite laying 4-5 massive ones a game.

Yet for some reason or another, the moment the kid he lays out recovers from the hit- and by this time my brother will be back in the play- the victim will go right after him with a punch. It happened twice last game and once again today. It's disgusting to watch.

Being this his first year at the Peewee level, is this something to expect for the rest of the season and next? I don't recall ever seeing that in Bantam or Midget, and it frankly scares me. Sure, he has a helmet on, but if a kid decides to sucker him from behind, it won't matter- he could still be seriously hurt.

I'm glad that both times, penalties were called. I'm just extremely surprised at the frequency of it. Where are kids this age picking that up?

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