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11-27-2005, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by johnjm22
Chill out dude, what's your problem? I think someone has a crush on Garon.


All I was saying is that just because a goaltender is winning doesn't nessissarlly mean he is playing well, it means the team is playing well. Look at Checkmoneck. He had very good numbers all those years he was in Philly but he still sucked.
My problem is that you have such an obvious bias against Garon. Even though his numbers haven't been stellar (except for wins) during his stretch as the "#1 goalie," he still played very solid in those games. Did he let up a few goals that he should have stopped? Yes. However, in those games where he gave up three and four goals, he deserved much better. Let's look at the Vancouver game for an example. Garon gave up four goals. On the surface, you're thinking "Well, he gave up four goals, he's clearly not a #1 goalie." But then you go back and watch the replay and realize all four goals weren't exactly the most stoppable shots. First goal: Cross ice pass from Sedin to Sedin. Those are pretty hard to stop. Second goal: Deflection right in front on the pp (IIRC). Shots that change direction just feet in front of a goalie are pretty damn hard to stop. Third goal: Naslund walks through every King defender and his mother, then puts a nice move on Garon. If Garon had been a little more patient, he might have stopped it, but you've still got to give Naslund credit. Fourth goal: Nice one-handed tip by Naslund. The King defenseman (can't remember which one) was on Naslund but didn't tie up his stick, which, BTW, is probably the most important fundamental for a defenseman in front of his own net. I think you'd have a hard time finding a goalie that doesn't let up at least three goals put in that situation.

And, no, I don't have a crush on Garon (I know you were being sarcastic). I just feel he is unreasonably disrespected.

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