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11-02-2003, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Hab-a-maniac
It's been the team's problem ever since dealing Muller (which caused a missed playoffs in 95 but upped the scoring talent with Malakhov and Turgeon coming in) and then worst of all, Roy, who had been their most effective leader since the late 80s. They sucked as a coheisve team in their absences and no playet could ever get the guys together again.

Your post is very passionate and although I do not agree with every aspect of it, I agree as a whole. Leadership has been a problem. I love Koivu, I really do. He plays way over his head and is willing to sacrifice everything to play hard. That said....I know that there has always been an english and french side of this team, but they used to be able to unite around the simple task of winning games for the sweater.

Maybe it is only that the times have changed, but that spirit of team does not seem to be there. You cannot tell that from this one loss to a train wreck team, but it shows on an overall basis.

The worse past, the best leadership that Koivu's aura gave was when he was sick and away from the team. Then the troops rallied. What a shame. This guy has more heart then the rest of the top two lines combined and is definately the best overall player on the roster, it just never seems to catch on...on the ice or in the locker room.

Gainey once said, if a player's car breaks down on the highway, if the first person he calls is not a team mate, then we have a problem. Now that seems a little extreme, but....I think that most of these guys would just call CAA.

Keep the is harder and more rewarding to love a team that is struggling (they might turn it around) then a team that is stacked and always wins. Only kids do that.

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