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Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
They are similar though is what I'm saying, yes I realize their more durable and more weight of course I know that. The kick point in the stealth elite(zetterberg was a big user of em) is exactly the same as the S5. Their at the same spot, mind you the stealth kicks harder and has a better realease but the same spot all the same.

The S5 was modeled after the elite. Kind of like how they have 2 mustangs, the mustang and the GT. The GT has all the extar goodies but the regular coupe mustang is a dialed back version.
No they're not similar enough. You may feel that way and that's your opinion and that's fine; but don't come here claiming that they're basically the same stick when the only things they share is a similar paintjob and innovation/construction concept. -facepalm- Your analogy of the cars doesn't make sense either. They're both top-end vehicles; you might as well compare the S17 and the S5 to a Focus and a Mustang. Both Fords, but while the Mustang is a performance vehicle, the Focus simply does the job with nothing special.

What's a Stealth Elite...? Either way, although they're both supposed to be low-kick, the S5 won't respond to the kick as well as the S17. I'm willing to bet that if I were to blindfold you and give you an S5 (low) and a One55 (mid), you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Trust me on this one bud.

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