Thread: Post-Game Talk: Senators Halts the flight! 6-4 Win!
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11-30-2011, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
I basically just tried to point out that they shouldn't have counted us out while trying to remain respectful by commending their efforts. Alas they decided to continue acting foolish anyways, but I still don't see any of those "pigs" "redneck" comments one Winnipeg fan was saying we were dishing out, so who knows.
That was the same Jets fan who posted in the Sens GDT that we had paid off the the reffs,and a few other similar posts that riled people up.
Then he went back to his board and proclaimed that he had lost respect for Sens fans as they said such terrible things about the Jets and Winnipeg.

It was a comedy show all right, lots of good natured ribbng at first that turned nasty really fast for some reason.

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