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11-30-2011, 09:48 PM
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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
maybe he just isn;t good enough to know what the difference is
That's not necessary.
Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
they actually are...the guy that owns the company used to work for easton. the only difference is instead of it being wrapped in kevlar theres no protection in it so they're kind of weak. I'm not kidding you, you can doubt me all you want but until you use one and compare them you'll never know. We have and we like the blue ice more.
I don't recall the Nano having an elliptical taper, being made of carbon as opposed to graphite, having a ribbed blade or a dual blade core...hmm might as well say that the S19 is the exact same stick as an 11K or a Vapor XXXX

I have no problem with your preference of the Nano Pro over the S19, but please don't spew crap about them being the same

Kids these days...

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