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11-30-2011, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
I think this is my mindset as well. Sure I would love to get Bobby Ryan, but I don't want to cripple the team to do it.

Something like Little and Buff sounds appealing, but that's about the extent I would go. Even then, Buff has only had some decent defensive coaching for a quarter of a season now. If he can improve the way Bogosian has improved, he could be a great defenseman for us.

As for Enstrom, I would much rather get this guy resigned. I would be ok in dealing him if that wasn't going to happen though.

I think overall that having Little, Buff, and a resigned Enstrom, bringing in Scheifele to play C on the 3rd line next year (hopefully), and filling in some holes via free agency, would be a better plan than going all in on Ryan, and hoping that we can win the cup in the next 3 years before Ryan becomes a UFA.
interesting point Huffer

I would be fine with a deal that involves Buff and Little. Buff could maybe get there some day but it is far from a sure thing and honestly I think it is more probable he is dumped after this season for the best deal we can get but more for the sake of moving on so we can get rid of a piece of the puzzle that will stop us from being a sound team defensively. Currently i see getting rid of Buff's bad habits and big salary as a move i would contemplate now. I see it as addition by subtraction and think we would instantly be in a better spot to contend for a playoff spot this year. Maybe Buff grows and that is why we trade him now when he still has that possible upside going for him.

what we get in return is a piece we are sorely missing. the only guys the Jets currently have that have a sniff of living north of 35 goals are under 21 and we could use more of that now and for the next three years. we also could use Ryan on our PP right now since we don't have a dominant forward yet to anchor our PP.

We don't need to do this deal but if Buff is a piece of the pie then I would do the deal all day......i would hate to lose Little but we come out away ahead by shipping out Buff's bad habits and it opens up first unit PP time for Zack as a more selective trigger man than Buff with Toby as the QB when he is back. This would allow us to keep Zack's minutes north of 25 where he thrives even when Hainsey and Toby are back in the mix.

My guess is Chevy will have shopped this package to the ducks (or another package with Buff)

I would not be interested in doing a deal that involved Toby unless he is not interested in staying in Winnipeg (which would surprise me). If he was needed to pull it off then i agree with you Huff i would fill in the holes through free agency although Buff would be on a very short leash that doesn't stretch past this season.

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