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11-30-2011, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Semantics View Post
How are the Leafs only worth $521M while consistently posting $80M+ net income despite not even making the playoffs? That's over 15% ROI, and I'd imagine that there is no shortage of investors who'd be quite content with far less (say half, so double the valuation).
You tell me?. How is it that I have brokerage accounts & retirement funds that pay 3-5% with tax benefits and I should consider myself lucky like everyone else?. Yet my Grade 3 teachers pension fund earns a whopping 15%+?. All I can say is "Miss Page, you really ripped us off. Who knew you were so astute?. You couldnt have shared this kind of intuitive knowledge & instead you encouraged us all to follow our dreams"?. Great. Thanks. I'll remember that as I key open a can of Spam for Christmas when Im 64.

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