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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Of course, yet here we are Ghost, agreeing to disagree yet again. The only reason TNSE dropped $170M on a franchise was because thats what they'd already promised to pay the league, their asking price for the Yotes at that time. Are you suggesting that on top of the $170M Thomson & Chipman wouldve paid more, based on Forbes's average valuation of what is it this year, $230M?. They paid a reasonable rate of $110M all-in for Atlanta to Winnipeg, boxing themselves in with the $170M offer for the Coyotes which the NHL then extorted as a relo fee. How is it that the Thrashers, Atlanta, is worth $110M with a population 10X's the size of & importance of Winnipeg in the scheme of things?. Hell, its more valuable than 2/3rds of the league, let alone Manitoba, Alberta, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal. Its completely disingenuous, artificial & phony to claim otherwise.
I think we are speaking (writing?) at cross purposes here and frankly I don't get what you are getting at exactly, Killion. TNSE agreed to pay $170MM for an NHL franchise. In my opinion, they knew they were getting either the Coyotes or Thrashers for that price and were fine with it and planned accordingly.

I'm not suggesting anything regarding how much Thomson and Chipman would have paid for an NHL franchise in Winnipeg. I personally don't put much value in Forbes' estimate -- hence, as I stated, a franchise is worth whatever someone will pay for it.

The value of the franchise in ATL was worth very little, contrary to how impressed you are by that cities population and 'importance.' The Thrashers were for sale for $110MM to an Atlanta buyer. Guess what? No takers, hence the NHL allowed the relocation to a city with buyers willing to pay $170MM for an NHL franchise. You really think Atlanta is more 'valuable' to the NHL than 2/3rds of the current cities in the league, let alone Western Canada, Ottawa and Montreal combined -- MOD.

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