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11-30-2011, 11:14 PM
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these days its tough what to know... as I'm sure all brands must OEM sticks out to China, who have manufacturers that either have copied a model and have made simular sticks

i.e. thread on the Hockey Tron sticks... like Kynetic, or Blue Ice sticks..

that being said, I have tried a Ballistik stick, but I don't think its a chinese stick, maybe a small company (Combat maybe?). It was a "fine" stick

I'm actually not sure whether RBK or Bauer has their own NA facility like Easton or Warrior (former Montreal) would.

at the end of the day, play with what you want... its you that makes the difference

"IF" I could get a top of the line perfomring graphite stick from some no-name for what it should be worth.. i.e. $50 I would give it a go, but hell no am I going to spend $150 for a Hockey Tront stick, when I can get a T90 for that price.

That being said, Winwell do have a full graphite stick I tried a while back, with a low kick point that was light and I think was at the $100 price point. I'm sure its also oem'd to China as well... I've seen them go for $60 on sale at Source for sports

much like in the other Thread regarding "tron" hockey... chinese replica elbow and shin pad's I'm willing to try, cause they are literially a fractional the cost of what they say they compare to.

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