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11-27-2005, 10:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Starshollow
Even if I was, IŽd obviously be lightyears ahead of you when it came to..



If you want to state your case or make a point, atleast try to get your opinion through without looking like a ******* idiot.

If not, explain to me how me wanting more icetime for Forsberg, makes me 13 years yonger than I currently am.

If you cant, pretty please with sugar on top, shut the h@ll up.
Well I did explain... why Flyers PK is horrible and what can happen if Forsberg goes down. I am not sure who is a god damn idiot.. but one of us can not read and comprehend answers. You may want to work on that part.

Here it is... again. Why PK is 30th in the league because Kapanen Rico and Stevenson were out. Stevenson is still injured. Primeau will be out for another month or so.

Why Forsberg is not playing on PK. Well what if he gets hurt? Whats then? He will improve our PK from 30th to lets say 20th and miss 10 games in process. Nice...

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