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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
This is really such a pointless debate, we might as well be debating politics or abortion or something haha.

Those of you that think Nodl is worthless will never be convinced that it is mis-managing assets. To you, Nodl is a penny you drop on the sidewalk and nothing more.

Then there are those, like myself, that view every single player, every single dollar, and every single draft pick as an asset; and giving away any of them, unless there is no other option, is a failure.

If you are running a company, you don't just brush wasted dollars under the rug. Your job is to run the company. You trim the fat, you reduce your operating expenses and be as efficient as possible. I believe that is how a hockey team should be run as well. If I continually waste dollars (assets), I'd expect my board of directors to kick me to the curb.
Part of that job is assessing talent and upside and long term contributions so if they can get someone else in that spot that can do the job better, cheaper you move him out the door. Nodl stagnated and was passed by by younger, better, cheaper players...he had no ability to be sent to the minors and he wasn't good enough at this point to clog up the NHL roster so he goes.

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