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12-01-2011, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
I don't think Cody's contract is dumb, in context with other 4th line enforcers. He's got more game then a straight enforcer. Sure he's not a heavyweight, but he's done the job well, and been more of a hockey player.
I find it odd to call a contract where a guy is maybe 200K overpaid dumb in the first place. We're now a spend-to-the-cap team, you're allowed to overpay marginally to keep quality guys. You don't overpay McCormick by 800K, or a guy like Gomez by 3M more...but a little bit here and there? That's what cap teams do--not every player on the roster is going to be an amazing steal. It's OK if Pominville gets 500K more than what one hopes for because you keep a quality player (and of course this year he has been worth the money). Same with guys like Hecht, or Boyes, etc. Obviously you try not to overpay (and get deals like Ehrhoff/Roy when you can), but it's not that big a deal when your budget is what Pegula's budget is.

I also see no way Gaustad gets less than 2M. But again, if he gets the same contract as his last one, are people really going to get upset over an extra 300K? Consider with the cap going up, that his percentage of it will decrease--and that might be true even if his cap hit rises in the next contract.

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