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12-01-2011, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by hiddenvariable View Post
who's NOT a fan of dogfish head?

i mean, i've had an incredible amount of beers of amazingly varying styles and qualities, and after all that, 90 minute is still one of my absolute favorites. one of my 10 island beers, if you will.
Should have posted this yesterday, but Bocktown had Dogfish 120 on tap last night. $10 a pop for a 12 oz glass and you were limited to one (not like you need a second one).

120 is a once a year beer for me. I've drifted away from IPAs and moved on to Belgians as my favorite beer, but I still like a good IPA from time to time. I forgot how overbearing the 120 is. Even 12 oz was too much for me. Took me over almost an hour to drink it.

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