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12-01-2011, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by FreddieBisco View Post
With any luck Gaustad will sign elsewhere.He is a 4th liner with no offensive game.Deserves no more then 1.75 a year, I would offer him a 2/3.5 deal and no more.

But he is one of Ruff's pets and I could see Regier keep around the Rochester crew even longer

And for all the hate Connolly got for his lack of playoff scoring, Gaustad has never scored a postseason THAT is the pathetic streak.
Stop acting like Goose is one of the guys of that Rochester core that are the real problem. If anyone from the Rochester core need to go it's Roy or Stafford.

You bring this up all the time against Goose as if he's Roy or Vanek. Scoring goals isn't his primary job. Yeah it would be nice, and it's an ugly stat that he hasn't ever socred a playoff goal I'm not denying that. But let's not act as if it's on the same level as Connolly's pathethic play in the postseason. It's not even close. Like honestly if we lose in the first round of the playoffs because one of our top six centers **** the bed your going to blame our 4th line center for not scoring? Give me a break.

I've always like Goose, but I don't want to see him get a raise, and would prefer he get a paycut. Although I know people on here will freak out if he gets even a 200-300k raise when the team's real problem is that they have $8.5 mil tied up in Stafford and Leino.

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