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Originally Posted by MAROONSRoad View Post
Haha! You sound bitter, my friend. "Byfuglien wants out...Winnipeg will never be..." Even if true, what exactly does that have to do with anything?

Your fanciful idea that a hypothetical 'successful' Atlanta NHL team is 'critical' to the NHL and would automatically be a top 5 revenue generator if it actually existed is laughable. Obviously the NHL doesn't think it's as 'critical' as you do. I remember last year you telling me that the Thrashers would never be allowed to relocate to Winnipeg. How did that turn out?

I really don't see what makes you think Atlanta is somehow a top 5 revenue generating NHL city in your hypothetical NHL world. Based on what? Past history?

It is the 9th largest metro area in the USA - so it can't be based solely on size of the city. If you include Toronto, Atlanta is likely the 10th largest metro in North America. It is also not in an area known for following, playing or supporting 'ice hockey.'

What about Houston? A larger metro than Atlanta with a large corporate presence? Is it critical also?

Which are the 4 cities ahead of Atlanta: New York, Chicago, Toronto and Los Angeles? So, we can expect cities like Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco/San Jose, Boston, Washington and Montreal to be behind Atlanta in your hypothetical important NHL city list? Or how do you order the 4 ahead of Atlanta and the ones behind Atlanta.

And you tell us the hypothetical franchise will be worth as much as the NY Rangers? Impressive indeed! Dallas is a larger metro than Atlanta, the Stars won the Stanley Cup (successful enough?), and the team lost over $90 million over the past three years. Or is Dallas somehow not as good as an NHL market as Atlanta? Not successful enough or what?
Completely agree, MR. I really enjoy Killion’s posts but he is just way off base with regards to the value Atlanta would have in the NHL. I’m not saying a team in Atlanta couldn’t be successful (i.e. profitable) but a top 5 revenue generator is out of the question, IMO.
Atlanta has the issue of competition from more “traditional” sports in the Southern region and is at a very tricky price point. Take this for what it is worth – I am dealing with a consultant from Atlanta and he mentioned that one of the issues concerning Thrasher’s attendance was a perception from some that the tickets were too expensive.
As anyone knows, financial success in the NHL is as dependant on what a team charges for tickets in addition to the # of bums in the seats. In my opinion, there is no way that Atlanta could charge the prices that Winnipeg charges now and fill the Phillips arena. Even a successful Atlanta team would not be more than middle of the pack in terms of revenue and not leaps and bounds over the likes of Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton etc.

Edit: Atlanta wasn't key enough for NBC to insist a franchise had to be there before signing it's latest TV deal with the NHL. I'm not market bashing here, as a well run team could make a go of it in Atlanta, but it wouldn't be a foundation for the NHL to be successful.

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