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12-01-2011, 11:24 AM
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Favorite beers right now:

- Surly Bender (also the gf's favorite...cuz she's awesome)
- Sierra Nevada pale ale
- Fulton IPA
- Leine's Sunset Wheat or Blue Moon in the summer
- Stella is the only lager I like

I'll bet Summit Winter is good stuff, have to try it.

I like Summit EPA when the bars don't have other stuff on tap. Just a really good basic beer that has 10x the flavor of most American lager crap. But most of their other beers aren't great (Horizon, Pilsner, etc).

Leine's and Sam Adams do a pretty decent job with seasonals for drinkability.

Still not a big hops guy but I've been on a hops kick and might have to give Furious and Hopslam another go.

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