Thread: News Article: "S.O.S" catastrophic season?
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12-01-2011, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Problems? Many, if not most of the "problems" the Habs have are part of the same skewed view. We get repeated that the Habs suck so often that many of us have started accepting it as gospel, without ever comparing to the rest of the league. Look at your list. Subban might never become a #1? He is a #1 D-man right now. Pleky, one of the better two-way centers in the game, is "average in every other aspect of the game"? That's setting the average awfully high, and him being arguably the best PK forward in the league does not automatically make him "a PK specialist". Gorges is only a 4-6 D-man despite thriving in his current #2 role? Price is a 10-12 goalie? MaxPac looks like a 30-goal scorer at age 23, but he's not "a difference-maker"? Do you know how many players score 30 goals regularly?

Or another example: for a team that supposedly has a hard time making the playoffs, they haven't done a whole lot of missing the playoffs over the last few years, now, have they? Certainly they didn't have much trouble last season, despite their lack of puck luck on offense.

Their current position in the standings? Already explained: too many games, they dominated and lost. They've simply ran into more than their share of injuries, hot goalies, and bad luck. Their goal-differential is positive despite this, and only one Eastern team that has scored more goals than their opponents is outside of the playoff picture right now. Their record is simply not representative of the club's strength, even the injury-riddled version we've seen them ice all year.

I can explain in more detail, but whenever I do that my explanations get dismissed without much support, so I'm not sure why I'd bother. Unless you're willing to accept that good hockey teams often lose and bad hockey teams often win, it's hopeless anyway.
Don't worry, a lot of people are overly emotional about this team and want to think they know everything - evidence and logic be damned, it's nice having posters like you who don't do this.

There is some serious problems with this team beyond luck - the two most obvious being the power play and a lack of focus (injuries are part to blame for this), but when I hear things like we are the worst run team in the league, or are so bad our only hope is to tank, I wonder where people get this from besides logical fallacies like "we lost to the Islanders and Ducks, both teams are very bad, therefore we are even worse!"

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