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12-01-2011, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post

Also people comparing ES minutes are failing to put into the equation of who they are playing with. Also so many more variables. Bobby Ryan plays more minutes for a reason also. I hate when people try to compare ES or even minutes like that, it really isn't a fair notion, just going off of statistics.

Second Bold- You were one of the bigger campaigners to get Bobby Ryan in this thread if memory serves me right. Briere and Voracek I believe??
You're right about your first point. JVR was playing w/ Richie and Versteeg last year. Ryan was playing w/ Perry and Getzlaf... I think I'd give the edge to Ryan there in quality of linemates.

As to your second point that "Bobby Ryan plays more minutes for a reason!", you're right... that reason is b/c ANAHEIM HAS NO DEPTH. It has nothing to do w/ a difference in skill between JVR and Ryan. It has to do w/ the fact that the Ducks have very little forward depth, Ryan is 2 years older than JVR, etc. If I'm trading JVR for Ryan, Ryan is probably going to slot into JVR's spot (why ruin the Harts-Roo-Jagr chemistry?) and maybe he'll get slightly more minutes, but he's not getting minutes like he did in Anaheim. If I'm making that trade, I want to know for sure that Ryan is going to give me more production in those minutes than JVR will. And I don't see how you can make that argument when their per-minute points were pretty = in 2010-2011 and JVR blows him out of the water in 2011-2012.

Trading a player who MAY (it's not a sure thing by any means) be on the verge of a breakout, a player who shows flat out dominance @ times for a struggling player on a desperate franchise just doesn't make much sense to me.

Now if you're talking Schenn + Simmonds (since Schenn isn't really a part of this team yet) or something along those lines, sure. If you're talking Briere + Voracek (the only trade I've proposed that involves tinkering), I'd do it b/c you're getting younger and I think we get better defensively w/ Schenn + Ryan than w/ Briere + Voracek and you definitely get better for the future, and I think from an offensive perspective, Ryan can replace Briere and Schenn can replace Voracek (for this year).

We made our initial trades to build for the future. If we're going to continue tinkering, it needs to be w/ that same goal in mind IMO. Set ourselves up for multiple cup runs. Trading JVR is counter-productive to that.

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