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12-01-2011, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MAROONSRoad View Post
Haha! You sound bitter, my friend. And you tell us the hypothetical franchise will be worth as much as the NY Rangers? Impressive indeed! Dallas is a larger metro than Atlanta, the Stars won the Stanley Cup (successful enough?), and the team lost over $90 million over the past three years. Or is Dallas somehow not as good as an NHL market as Atlanta? Not successful enough or what?
Good Heavens' MAROONS Im not "bitter" over the loss of Atlanta. The NHL had absolutely no choice but to expedite the sale to Winnipeg. Thankfully they had the option & the team enjoyed a better than soft landing; future looks bright. No, Id say "disappointment" is a better word for how I feel about it though thats more than compensated positively with Winnipegs' return to the NHL. I do however stand by my statements that given the right ownership group in Atlanta eventually it could, underline could become a top five in terms of revenues & valuation. Dallas was bled dry by Hicks' & it too under the proper guidance, which it now has, can be a top 10. We'll see how that goes.

Originally Posted by wpgallday1960 View Post
I really enjoy Killionís posts but he is just way off base with regards to the value Atlanta would have...
Thanks on the first bit. A-OK to disagree. If we all shared the same opinions what a boring place this'd be.

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