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12-01-2011, 03:12 PM
It's closing time.
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I have a request for the out of town boys (Jets fans preferred) who will be watching the Phoenix TV feed

As some of you might know Matt McConnell is the new TV play by play man for the Yotes and Matt is the former play by play man of the Thrashers and I heard him in a good interview on XM NHL network this September. During his interview McConnell commented on the Zacky Goj situation and Mitch was very grounded and balanced in his assessment. He mentioned that Zack is really young and will have played for three different coach's by the time this season starts and he wasn't even on speaking terms with one of his coach's last year. He went on to say that 21 is really young and the circumstances (injuries etc) have not played in Zack’s favor to date. Then Matt said something that made me pumped to have Bogo on our team before I had even seen Bogo play when Matt said "no matter what with Zack you know he's going to be all in"!! I became an instant "root for the underdog" guy after the interview and also after reading Guerzy's breakdown's of Zack’s junior career on this board. As Holden can tell you I have even been delusional enough to think our boy Goj is catching up to drew Doughty (homer alert!!) in the defensive end of the rink (watching allot of Drew lately and my homer googles are still telling me lies HC)

I would really like to hear Mitch's take on some of the boys he covered in Atlanta tonight! specifically if he talks about Zack's progress! I would also like to hear his take on Bumri, Kane etc

I will be at the game and am PVR'ing it but I can't get the Yotes TV feed on my centre ice package and I assume it’s because I have Jets TV and they don't broadcast both??

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