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11-02-2003, 08:41 AM
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A very intelligent thread that unfortunately forgets the one important factor when dealing with the 'chaff' on the team. For certain getting the youth into the lineup is a priority, and I would say that's so even in Gainey's mind. However that 'chaff', i.e. Audette, Perreault, etc, etc, is making a lot of money to play. And as much as Gainey et al. said they wanted only the best players in the lineup, can you imagine the fallout if the Bulldogs were making more than the Habs?

The real problem with the club lies in the choker collar of contracts. The Habs have a group of players that cannot be moved because no one wants them. People have been suggesting moving Audette for about a year now, but even on waivers there are no takers - he's stuck in Montreal until the end of his contract.

No matter how you look at it, management's hands are tied at the very least until the end of the year. There's a chance we'll be able to move one or two of these guys towards the deadline, and even a smaller chance that Gainey can snare some GM on a binge to take someone, but realistically, we're stuck with what we have.

I like Boom Boom's ideas, but I'm not in complete aggreeance. I think the thing that matters most in the NHL is a work ethic. Unfortunately, this is why Hainsey continues to fail. Of course, it's why kids like Pleks, Higgins, and Komi should probably be up here.

I think the team's direction is good right now, but it's at a standstill until we can get rid of some 'chaff'.

A concerned fan.

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