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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
You picked a guy at ranked in the 50s at midterm and compared him to Pageau who wasn't even ranked.

It's not hard to drop a lot as a player in the 2nd round when you have those factors working against you. Especially when the times they do see you, you have skating issues.

If you're a 1st round prospect and get a mid 1st rounder, you may drop to the 2nd or mid 2nd if you're out for extended time and buried...or you may not drop much because everyone knows about you.

But if you're a 2nd or 3rd rounder you can drop quite a bit if you miss extended time.

All I'm saying is of course size matters, but the biggest factor in making it nowadays is actually combination of things....and the X-factor is almost always hockey sense. Big, fast player A has 4th line upside because he has no IQ, big fast player B has 2nd line upside because he's smart.

Corey Locke had little chance because his skating sucked. JG Pageau has better skating and is very smart, he may have a chance, and a chance at top 6.

Big enough + bad skater + great IQ = Good prospect

Too small + Solid skater + great IQ = Good prospect

You need to have certain combinations of qualities to be a prospect, there are many different factors that go into the evaluation. Hockey sense is the one you can't train...and it's the one that lifts players or makes them nothing.

Magnus Paajarvi's upside was overrated big time because he's a big body that can skate real fast.....the guy has no hockey sense, so he isn't what some thought he would be given his physical talents.
To be fair I also included Prince & Petersson. You know what hasn't been mentioned yet is leadership & character two things that scouts also think is very important. One of the things I like a lot about some of our prospects is that they are captains of their teams as both Pageau & Stone are. Fascinating discussion, too bad some people get so upset over comments on a hockey board like what we say actually matters or will happen but all in all very interesting. Hasn't changed my mind & it's likely hasn't changed anyone else's mind, I'll still take Stone.

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