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12-01-2011, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by TroyM View Post
You are seriously ****ed up in the head if you believe these things, haha. You are judging a person's character, that you know nothing about, based on his subpar (definitely subpar!) hockey play. God damn that is hilarious in its ridiculousness. I would bet that Scott Gomez has done more for other people than you ever have or ever will! And I mean that both for the community, charity, and for his teammates - notice young guys giving him credit all the time for helping them transition in the league, no doubt the guys like having him around and he's a good teammate.

Anyway, call me an apologist all you want, I think Gomez has played like **** and I honestly think when healthy we are close to being a better team without him in the lineup at all, but jeez people need to learn to separate a human being from the sport. It's sad, but also a perfect example of why I try not venture into any non-news thread!
What can you say? People have a blind hatred when it comes to Gomez. People just bash him for the sake of bashing him, over anything. I see plenty of people bashing him even when he has a strong game.

I can't stand him on the team, but I love him as a human being, he's got such a great personality and seems like a great friend to have. He's done plenty for the community, charities and whatnot, more than probably anyone that bashes him endlessly on these boards.

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