Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Matt Walker clears re-entry waivers
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12-01-2011, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Just FYI, Nodl was claimed because we had too many contracts. The day after Nodl is claimed, Walker is put on re-entry waivers. If Walker is claimed, that make Nodl's waiving - by definition - pointless.

We would also carrying what Nodl would be making in dead cap space. For as long as Nodl is under contract. If Holmgren would have thought this through, he would have recalled Walker on Tuesday, and waive Nodl today if he had to. Keep in mind this team is obsessed with spending to the cap. Every penny is important.

It's probably about 80/20 that Walker makes it through, but there's no reason to take that chance. You obviously feel that Walker is a replaceable player. Surely, there are other Matt Walker's around while the real one rides a bus.

Holmgren always talks about giving himself options, when he repeatedly takes options off the table.
From what I've read Nodl was waived because he was redundant on the team. Yes it helped that he was claimed and that was probably part of it. But losing Nodl's contract, a guy that we have four of who are not eligible for waivers, and the potential of losing Walker are two different things. Like I said from the get-go, if Walker gets claimed, this was a bonehead move. If not, you can't just say that Homer was lucky, because you don't know what he knows no matter how much you think you do.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
I think we all finally see the difference between our views and yours. Its the small things. To us, we believe it matters. From small to big, everything contributes in the end. For you though, the small things dont mean anything. Only big.
In a sense, yes. It's more that the good moves with large impacts far outweigh the small moves with little impact. If Walker is claimed and it prevents us from winning the Cup, then ok this was a big mistake. Or even if a bunch of the little mistakes prevents us from winning the Cup. But the problem is that things like waiving Nodl and even this potential debacle are not going to make the difference. Losing a bunch of fringe NHLers and a miniscule fraction of the cap will not prevent this team from winning a Cup this year or next year. Now, if there are more of these moves that is a different story. But at this point, his good moves are so clearly outweighing the bad moves, it makes me wonder just what you would like Homer or any GM to do.

You say you want a team that is perennially competitive. You have it, but it is not good enough. They have to win a Cup. If they win a Cup but lose the next year, that is not good enough. I would like an honest answer of what is expected of Homer or other GMs. Not "Cap management!" "Read the CBA!" An actual answer. It can't be that you want a perennially competitive team, because you have that and are still complaining. Is it perennial Cup contenders? That is extremely rare in any sport, especially hockey. So what is it you want? Perfection? Not going to happen. It seems to me you just need something to complain about.

The Flyers have been to eight Stanley Cups in their 45 years, equal to the number of times they have missed the playoffs. Yes, they haven't won a Stanley Cup in a long time, but they've been close (if not for Gretzky and the one of the best dyansties and sports history, they probably would have had multiple Cups in the 80s) and contenders for the majority of their existence. That is more you can say about most sports franchises, let alone hockey teams. Under Homer they have gone to ECF and SCF and have a shot at that this year (if everyone stays healthy). How many Cups should they have won or would they have won with a different GM?

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