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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
I'm worried about this.

I feel very strongly that we have enjoyed above-average drafts in each of Snow's drafting years aside from 2010, which nonetheless has given us 3 very valid prospects.

However, we've seen our favorite team do SOOO many unorthodox things with our kids that it's hard to believe things will turn out right.

JT is the biggest given, but really he's the only Snow-drafted player who is having any major impact - and I'm writing that about a kid who hasn't scored in 10 games.

Naturally, Martin and Hamonic have been great finds and look like they're gonna have long, successful careers.

I also like how things had been done with Nielsen, MacDonald and Comeau, who were all given enough time down on the farm - none were Snow-drafted.

On the other hand, Bailey has given much reason for concern. No-one else has been blowing anyone out of the water yet. None of the drafted goalies have taken steps forward this year - heck, one has even been shipped back to Europe. de Haan looks like a real project.

And now we've gotta be wondering what the H E double hockey sticks is going on with Niederreiter.

To date, I'm really worried about the 'development' aspect of this organization. Really worried.
Just look what is done with them, what coaching they get and what advice or instruction they get from the Isles. I wonder how much Snow tinkers. When Gorton had his little system, how many prospects were instructed to adapt the system into their games?

Some are being handled quite alright. Kabanov seems to be oing well and we let Mikko go to Europe to grow up. I can't wait for Petrov to come over because he's been shielded, but will we let him adjust in the AHL or plan a season ticket push and do a Nino with him?

And honestly, we have a new coach with someone else's assistants and a GM named assistant coach Doug what has Cappy set up for his own benefit? What has he been allowed to do?

It's frustrating, and the ONLY reason I would want to see Cappy replaced - so a new coach, IF HE'S A QUALITY NHL COACH WITH A RESUME, could shape his own staff as he sees fit.

But I highly doubt Wang will let so much autonomy go to one individual who should be so bold as to try and do what 29 other head coaches do.

So....we have a Committee still. But this time, it's a bit more honest. It goes from God to Jerry to Kent to the cleaners.

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