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12-01-2011, 08:16 PM
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For those saying that they have hard times in other sports as well....I must just say that I may have you all beat.

None of my favorite teams have ever won a championship in their history, nor have they had a title game/series in my time of liking them, and only two of those teams ever have in any way.

NHL - Preds (second round is best-ever finish)
MLB - Padres (1998 World Series, swept by Yankees, 1984 World Series, beaten 4-1 by Tigers)
NBA - Clippers (losingest team in professional North American sports)
NFL - Chargers (1995 Super Bowl, demolished by 49ers)
EPL - Fulham FC (not an elite team)
NCAA F -WKU, UCLA, Purdue (no championships)
NCAA B - San Diego State, WKU, Purdue (no championships)

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