Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Matt Walker clears re-entry waivers
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12-01-2011, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
But see, where do you or who classifies the small moves and the big? Why wont they make the difference? Its easy to state that they wont, but there is no proof right? In the same realm as saying Nodl wouldnt have done anything to help this team, couldnt he have been the one that might have scored the GWG in the Stanley Cup Final? Obviously thats a big statement, but you see where Im getting at? Just because the impact is small (personal opinion affects who thinks what is small or large) doesnt mean it wont have large ramifications.

What moves Homer has done all depends on the individual. See to you, he "clearly" has more good moves than bad, but to us, its the opposite. You think small moves dont do anything to the team, while we look at the whole picture. EVERYTHING effects the team one way or another. I guess it comes down to one's belief in quantum physics and the butterfly effect. It would be interesting to see what outside fans think of it, for I do think bias opinion is high for both fanboys and haters.

An answer to your question? Win the Stanely Cup. Thats it. Now see, its interesting that you definitely hover between your ideal fundamentals regarding small and large impacts. To you, small impacts dont mean much (in a roster sense) while large do. But then you switch to the other side, for being competitive is enough (in this case small) than the larger impact (Stanley Cup). Perfection is not needed, but also having more positives than negatives is needed. And see, we arent complaining. We are just voicing out opinions just like you are. The majority of us dont agree with his decisions, while a small minority do.
How can you honestly sit there and say there are more negatives than positives??? Even from your POV where you are more harsh on Homer than you think I am, you can't possibly sit there and say there is more negative than positive. If you can, you are delusional. Losing draft picks and marginal NHLers and signing Leighton and Shelley somehow outweigh pretty much this entire roster??? Give me a break! OMG he didn't draft Tomas Hyka! I forgot about that! A player got claimed on re-entry waivers too! That is the first time in history that has ever happened! I wonder if Columbus's GM is available? Maybe Minnesota? Who was Atlanta's GM? Those guys are killing it! How about those other teams with all their draft picks and never lost a player on re-entry waivers. Those guys know how to run a team. This guy Homer is clueless. Yeah he puts together one of the best teams on the ice year in and year out, but look at how many draft picks he has traded! He's clueless!!!

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